NGOs vs. Household food waste: scaling up Baltic-Nordic cooperation

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Households generate the largest amount of food waste in the food chain. EU level statistics shows that food waste amounts to 173 kg per person per year, and more than a half of it is generated by households (92 kg). Studies (Eurobarometer 425, 2015) have shown that the percentage of belief that households can make an impact on reduction of food waste is remarkably different across EU countries (EU average: 76%, LT: 44 %, DK: 85%). NGO enjoy a particularly high degree of trust within society, and much power in their lobbying activities, yet they often lack capabilities and tools with which to provide education and information on prevention of food exercise waste. The project will fill the gap in the area of NGO cooperation, exchange of information and experience on prevention of household food waste, contributing to the transfer of know-how and good practice, as well as to awareness raising.

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2022-10-07 08:39