Developing and implementing Baltic environmental NGOs vision 2030 (CCB Vision 2030)

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The overall goal of the project is to improve capacity of civil society to protect the Baltic Sea environment through revitalization and strengthening existing environmental NGOs coalition. Meeting this goal within the next 18 months (November 2021 - April 2023) includes (1) Strengthening democratic processes and cooperation between environmental CSOs, (2) Improved outreach to engage more people in Baltic Sea environment protection, (3) Integrating a new generation of leaders with more young people engaged in CCB activities; (4) Capacitating CSOs with new tools for improved engagement. Dedicated trainings and workshops, as well as application of new working structure, routines and methods will encompass all CCB members and partners across BSR. In addition, the functioning of the coalition itself will benefit from expert support to reinforce the inspiration and connection to our shared needs, heightening the quality of transnational collaboration and strengthening public participation.

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