Belarus Research Network on Neighborhood Policy (prolongation)

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The project is implemented in a crucial time, where the majority of international players have merged their foreign policy and security policy line towards Belarus with that of Russia. This is because Belarus has become a platform for Russian aggression towards Ukraine, simultaneously losing even more of its sovereignty. The increasingly hostile rhetorics of the self-proclaimed official authorities in the country, in tandem with continued mass repressions of the Belarusian civil society and individuals, represent a real danger for the countries in the Nordic-Baltic region, Poland, Ukraine, and the EU. The project offers support to the Belarusian civil society through producing facts-based analysis and recommendations to regional policy makers. This will be done through producing 6 Analytical Articles, 6 bi-monthly reviews, 3 Policy Papers, 3 in-presence events, and 3 online conferences for networking, as well as upkeeping of the website (

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2024-06-27 13:00