Best Practices from the Nordic Region: Strengthening Civil Society Organizations of Latvia and Ukraine and Enhancing Support Systems for Gender-Based Violence Victims

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The project aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations in Latvia, particularly the MARTA Centre in Rezekne, Riga, and Liepaja, and in Ukraine, specifically the Chernihiv Network in Chernihiv. Focusing on addressing violence against women and children, the project leverages the expertise of partners from Norway and Finland to exchange best practices and enhance victim support and rehabilitation services.Specific project objectives include facilitating knowledge exchange with Norwegian and Finnish partners, enhancing the capacity of Latvian and Ukrainian organizations to support and rehabilitate victims, and strengthening partnerships between NGOs, government agencies, and law enforcement. Activities will include exchange visits, workshops, training sessions, mentoring, and an international conference on combating violence against women and girls. These initiatives aim to foster hands-on learning, experience sharing, and stakeholder networking.

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2024-06-14 13:59