The Nordic Weeks in North-West Russia 2019

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Joint Nordic events in North-West Russia, ongoing since 2010, are supported by the Nordic diplomatic missions and cultural institutions, as well as local and regional authorities and various partners. These initiatives contribute to raising the visibility of the Nordic countries, Nordic cooperation as well as Nordic values, achievements and priorities. Through joint Nordic events, we are more visible and can better promote Nordic values and priorities, as well as the work of the Nordic Council of Ministers in North-West Russia. Previous experience shows that these events are highly appreciated among different target groups (not least the young generation) as well as the general public. These joint efforts make the Nordic brand relevant and visible in the region, through various events and the media and help build fundaments for long-lasting contacts and collaborations. The project is administered by the Embassy of Iceland in Moscow. The Nordic Weeks in North-West Russia 2019 will featu

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