Youth and Democracy Festivals in the Baltic Sea Region

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This project is a spinoff from the formation of the Democracy Festival Association (DFA) March 2019, supported by the NCM and the result of a 3 year process in which the cooperation of the festivals in the Nordic and Baltic countries has been developed. Belarussian partners has from the beginning been included. The main activities will be to design and test 4 to 6 experiments/prototypes new ways of participation through the lens of young people. First step will be to develop the experiments for the democracy festival season from June till September and for events in Belarus. Finally the results of the project will be communicated in an open source guide. The experiments will focus on giving youth positive experiences with democratic actions and could include actions with youth as co-creators with the aim to hack or develop the existing set-up, youth as creators of new set-ups, methods or communication, or youth as linking everyday actions and local communities with festivals.

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