Turning the Sustainable Developments into Reality

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To turn the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Agenda 2030 into reality, their “localization” will be of crucial importance. SDG localization aims to empower all local stakeholders in order to make sustainable development more responsive and relevant to local needs and aspirations. In practice, this means that actors on city and municipal level will have a key role in implementing the SDGs. The goal of this project is to contribute to SDG implementation at local levels by increasing human rights capacities of local authorities (LAs), civil society organizations (CSOs), and academia, as well as to further develop their interaction and cooperation. Activities include: a mapping of existing models of cooperation between these actors; workshops to increase capacity on SDG and human rights implementation, exchange of promising practices; and the formation of a regional network between target groups. Timeframe: Nov 2019- Dec 2020. Locations: Sweden, Norway, NW Russia, Åland Islands.

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