The path to climate justice

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This project will start a debate on climate change with two talks ahead of COP27, involving climate activists, professionals, and the public. The talks will be part of a full day climate justice conference taking place in Copenhagen. The background is that drastic action is needed immediately if people -especially in the global south – shall not face serious consequences from climate changes. Major challenges are how to mobilize the aid for climate adaptation, that the rich countries have promised the poor countries, and how to deal with the issue of loss and damages, that typically hit the poorest countries. The COP27 is a key event where politicians and decision makers have an opportunity to take action and the Nordic countries could be key actors as we are known to be frontrunners on green solutions and international aid. Besides, mobilizing youth activism on these issues before COP27 can also strengthen the call for action.

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2022-05-30 10:10