Nordic Design Diplomacy in New York

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Design Diplomacy New York, adapting a concept originally created by Helsinki Design Week, will open virtual doors to the prestigious Nordic consular residences in a series of exclusive talks. Design Diplomacy boldly combines traditional diplomacy with casual dialogue, creating a unique and accessible way for both speakers and the audience to ponder the significance of Nordic design values in contemporary society. Nordic Consul Generals will once again host a talk in which US meet Nordic designers, discussing life and work based on questions from a specially curated deck of cards. The conversations will center on design-challenges appertaining to the Strategy for International Branding of the Nordic Region and will be take place in the residences, as well as be live-streamed and recorded for a wider audience. In addition, the audience will learn about the residences’ design and history. A common, professional framework based on high-quality digital platform and a clear series b

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2023-02-21 13:30