Fringe Arts Exchange

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Fringe Arts Exchange is a project focused on the exchange of artists, exchange of producers and a co-production between artists and producers from the Nordics and Quebec. The project is a collaboration between Gothenburg Fringe, Reykjavik Fringe and FringeMTL. All three project partners are Fringe festivals, connected by a mutual aim to present unique festivals for their communities, offering a platform for artists to produce uncensored and forward-thinking work in a context where all genres are welcomed. Each acts as a leader in the development of theatre artists and audiences in its community. The highlight of the project sees three artists based Sweden, Canada and Iceland come together to devise a brand new performance. In keeping with the spirit of Fringe, this project is an experiment in collaboration between artists from different backgrounds and artistic disciplines with no pre-conceived theme or boundaries.

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2024-05-13 11:01