“Trust – the Nordic Gold” in Latvia: a Nordic panel at the Latvian conversation (democracy) festival LAMPA and follow-up events, 2018-2019

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The project bjective is to highlight the value of social trust, the factors forming it, as well as its role for the Nordic societies, incl. Nordic formal and informal co-operation, a country’s socio-economic development and increased resilience. Further the project should promote and encourage establishment and further development of professional networks, think-tanks and civil society initiatives for analyzing of mechanisms forming (increasing) the level of trust in society. The NCM publication «Tillid - det Nordiske guld» will be translated into Latvian as well as into Russian The Nordic panel discussion on trust at the conversation festival LAMPA will be held on June 29 or 30, 2018. The content of the Nordic panel on trust will be developed in close co-operation with relevants Latvian partners. Follow-up events that are planned to take place from October 2018 untill the end of November 2019 in different places in Latvia: • 2 inspirational meetings with opinion leaders, policy make

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