Alliance Iceland-Sweden-Quebec: "Women of the North"

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The project is in the continuity of an exploratory mission that was done in Iceland in 2022, with funding of the Quebec government, in cooperation with the Nordic Council. The project will include exchange of residencies bringing together Quebec and two other nordic countries: Sweden and Iceland, as well as the creation of an anthology that will be published. The exchange of residencies will take place in 2023, in june and july in Iceland and Sweden and in september and october in Quebec. Four poets and/or artists of Quebec will do a two week residency in Iceland and 4 will do a two week residency in Sweden and four poets of Iceland and 4 poets/artists of Sweden will come for a residency in Quebec. All poets will be women. Each participant will present their personal project around the thema: « Women of the North » in two events and will also talk about the writing of a woman writer of her country with whom they feel connected regarding her writing.

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2023-08-30 18:10