Supercharging Nordic Rural High-Tech Eco-systems

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Rural areas in the Nordics face certain disadvantages regarding the ability to build knowledge-based innovation ecosystems, especially challenges to build and attract high-tech start-ups such as difficulties in raising capital and recruiting competent staff. Simultaneously COVID has given rise to remote work and other trends that can be used advantageously to promote rural high growth entrepreneurship. Israel has taken a leading global position in developing rural start-up ecosystems in knowledge intensive areas. Both the approach as well as the specific technology areas are highly applicable to the Nordics. Gathering the top 10 participants per country from the Nordic-Israeli Innovation Academy as well at least 5 companies they work with each, the project works interactively with them and Israeli innovation leaders to develop models, methodologies and practical tools they can use in their everyday work to improve the impact and performance of their rural tech ecosystems.

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2021-11-04 10:44