Nordic Inclusive Investor Summit 2023

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Nordic Inclusive Investor Summit 2023 (NIIS) is a series of hybrid events co-hosted by Nordic Consulates to celebrate and showcase Nordic tech startups/scaleups with diverse founding teams towards international investors and relevant stakeholders in United States and the Nordics. The summit series invites participants to discuss diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in startups/scaleups, and to discover how all types of investors can unlock the untapped potential and achieve a return on diversity. The summits will take place in three most thriving tech hubs in North America and the Nordics – New York, Stockholm, and Silicon Valley. Despite these cities are at the forefront of emerging technology and innovation there are still obvious power and gender imbalances present. The initiative will promote tech inclusion and advocate for action towards more diverse and inclusive startup/scaleup and investor tech ecosystems with success stories told by the Nordic countries.

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2023-01-12 16:08