Advertising campaign about labor protection in the workplace in the Nordic countries

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1. The project is a marketing campaign that will be run in all the Nordic countries. The purpose of the project is to increase awareness about general labour protection and to increase visits to the our website According to research that was conducted in Iceland in December '22, 54% of Icelandic companies have approved safety and health plan in place. Our aim is to increase that number by 7% by the end of first quarter 2024. The target groups for the project are; young people as well as directors in companies and employers. 2. The purpose is to produce a marketing campaign, with marketing components like web banners, Social media material/campaign and PR material. 3. The campaign is expected to achieve an increase in awareness about labor protection within the Nordic countries, especially among younger people. 4. The stakeholders in the project are Nordic Business Associations, Landsorganisationen in the Nordic countries, employees in Nordic compani

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