Preparing the Nordics for deployment of H2 trucks: Strengthening the infrastructure

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The Nordic countries have made significant progress towards their energy transition and adopting alternative fuels in transport. Each of the five countries has also set ambitious targets for implementing renewable energy sources, moving ever closer to a sustainable, CO2 neutral energy system. So far, the Nordic countries are far past the EU 2020 target of 20% renewable sources as a share of gross final energy consumption. With regards to land transport the next energy shift will be in larger vehicles such as buses and coaches but specifically in trucks and heavy duty transport. Most OEM´s are currently developing hydrogen solutions for the future truck though battery electric versions will also be developed specifically for shorter range. This project aims to prepare for hydrogen trucks. One of the key to successful implementation is infrastructure. Already preparation has begun to build hydrogen infrastructure along the key transport corridor from Hamburg to Oslo (via DK and SE).

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