Location Specific Architecture for More Sustainable Building

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Two prominent architects - Sami Rintala, a Finnish architect who specializes in sustainable building and Javier Peña, director of the creative Concentrico Architecture Festival in Spain- converse on how to use location and local raw materials and traditions to build in a more environmentally friendly way. The talk highlights Nordic appreciation of nature and demonstrates how innovative design and urban planning can promote sustainable building and ecological urban design that draws on indigenous know-how . The conversation gives advice on how to build greener cities and also how listeners can increase their personal well-being by connecting to nature even in urban environments. The Northern tradition of “diskussioner” will be respected as the two award-winning architects speak openly about problems and share solutions, expertly moderated by the journalist Ståhlberg to produce a thought-provoking, engaging conversation that will leave the listeners inspired and wanting to learn more.

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2022-07-12 13:59