Nordic Film Festival in Riyadh 2021

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A Nordic Film Screening in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Second edition. The embassy of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland will together rent a local cinema for two afternoons to show one Nordic movies each. Not until recently movie theatre screenings are possible in Saudi Arabia. Nowadays, Saudis love going to the cinema, so this is a GREAT opportunity to promote the Nordic countries and culture locally to a fairly unexposed target group. The movies could, within the framework of Vision 2030 promote objectives such as 5, 6 and 12 as well as green and sustainable Nordic in Saudi Arabia. They will be able to promote Nordic art and culture, Nordic values such as equality, the cohesiveness of the Nordic countries, and possible promote education, innovation and technology. Regarding the joint branding aspect, the Film Festival will be arranged under the Nordic umbrella. Joint forces will increase the possibility of increased visibility.

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2022-09-16 15:11