Support to inclusive media production in the Baltic countries Phase II

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The objective is to contribute to an increase in the volume and quality of locally, nationally and regionally produced media products in the Baltic countries, particularly in minority languages, in order to support a more balanced media landscape. During 2015-2017 the Nordic Council of Ministers has been engaged in a series of activities supporting media in the Baltic countries. The current action is a continuation of these activities for 2018. The project will provide small scale grants for journalists and media outlets in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - typically in the range of 5.000 to 75.000 DKK. The practical management of the programme will be implemented by the NCM office in Lithuania in close cooperation with the NSM offices in Latvia and Estonia. Each country will have its own Evaluation Committee (EC) which will decide about selection of successful projects. The suggested composition of the EC is the following: director of the local NCM office (chair) and two media experts

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