Nordic Nexus (NORNEX): A Nexus Approach to Water (W), Energy (E), Food (F) Security in the Nordic Arctic

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Objectives of NORNEX are to: 1) identify the need for WEF Nexus studies in Nordic Arctic Council countries and examine the relevance of a nexus approach to connections and interactions (nexus) between between SDG 2 – (Food security); SDG 6 (Water and sanitation); and SDG 7 (Energy), for the Nordic Arctic, 2) conduct a scoping and feasibility study for Nordic participation in a potential SDWG Pan-Arctic Nexus project and, 3) clarify a strategy for coordination and implementation of such an international, multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder project. Activities will include: 1) administration and coordination, 2) knowledge sharing, 3) Local (Nordic) research activities, 4) international project meetings, 5) support for indigenous representation, 6) reporting and dissemination of relevant outcomes. Outcomes will include: 1) Nordic Country Profiles (Arctic Regions if possible). A compiled WEF Security Index calculated from an aggregation of existing publicly available data, 2) A sco

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