Media and Dialogue for Democracy by promoting professionalism, self-regulation and Media and Information Literacy

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The project should underpin dialogue between media and journalists; citizens; politicians and the public sector by further development and use of recommendations created during projects supported by Nordic Council of Ministers. Such results should be delivered as models at a European conference on free media and to receive feedback to initiate the application of the recommendations. The preparation by partners, and the interventions from 15 participants including speakers from Baltic Sea Region will ensure a strong Nordic-Baltic agenda on the conference in the main programme and as a side event. The main activities are the further development of the Baltic Sea recommendations and to contribute to and learn from the Free European Media conference March 2022 in Gdansk, Poland. More than 25 speakers and 200 participants across Europe will during 7 sessions will develop new ideas for the dialogue between media stakeholders, citizens and politicians to enhance our democracies.

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