Nordic Gender Equality Month

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The aim of the Nordic Gender Equality Month is to promote, showcase and explain Nordic values linked to an equal society. It is also an attempt to brand The Nordics as a region in Russia starting with a common an recognizable shared value. The Nordic region is not yet recognizable as a concept or brand in Russian and there is no established word or storytelling describing the region. Any process in this field would be starting from scratch and needs professional help from Russian communications and branding experts. There is an existing close cooperation in the field of cultural diplomacy, an interest in Russian media and popular culture to draw upon and we are perceived as similar if you look at the existing studies of what Russians associate with our countries. Gender equality is where we stand out and something that raises both an interest and questions. It would be the right starting point for the branding of the Nordics in Russia. We wish to strengthen the image of Nordics as bein

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2021-10-11 11:22