Nordic Sustainable Music Forum

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The pandemic has created challenges for culture exchange and has forced missions abroad to rethink how we communicate music and art without being able to have artists or audience present. Jointly, the Nordic Consulates General in Shanghai, NordicLA and a handful of local partners in China, will arrange a series of events will to be executed in Shanghai in the summer 2022. The Nordic Sustainable Music Industry project will consist of a series of events, including two hybrid talks as well as one or more live music event(s). The first talk will focus on technological solutions to discuss how the music industry has adapted to changes brought about by the Covid pandemic (by innovation in for example online performances and live streaming), and subsequently explore how these lessons may be translated into creating a more green and sustainable music industry. The second talk will focus on the current state of import/export of music between the Nordic region and China. The live music event(s)

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