Nordic Talks at UC Berkeley with the Nordic Consulates West Coast USA

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The Nordic Consulates on the West Coast, in collaboration with the recently launched Nordic Centre at UC Berkeley, desire to host 3 high profile Nordic Talks at Berkeley annually building upon the successful pilot of the “Nordic Talks at Berkeley” in 2019 sponsored by Nordic Council of Ministers. Topics discussed will be at the nexus of the Nordic Branding strategy (i.e. Openness, Trust, Innovation, Sustainability, Compassion) and high profile speakers will be a mix of Nordic and U.S. individuals. UC Berkeley has leveraged the momentum from the "Nordic Talks at Berkeley" pilot at the University of California, Berkeley to launch the Nordic Centre at UC Berkeley for a two-year initial period (July 2021 – June 2023). The activities of this project will help increase the likelihood for the continued success of the Nordic Centre at UC Berkeley.

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