Danish-Norwegian Angel of Smiles to Lithuania

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In 2022 Kaunas (Lithuania) holds the title of European Capital of Culture (ECOC). In connection with this, a Norwegian/Danish mobile art sculpture, ‘An Angel of Smiles’, will be unveiled as part of a special celebration on 30 Sep. The installation will be made by the highly respected Danish-based Norwegian artist Marit Benthe Norheim and will stay permanently in the village Linksmakalnis in the Kaunas-area where it will be used in different contexts and activities. The sculpture will be made in Norheim’s iconic gargoyle-like design and from sustainable materials. It will combine inspiration from Lithuanian religious and folkloric art traditions as well as from the minimalism and seriousness connected with Nordic design and art. Thus, it showcases Nordic art in a way that is meaningful to local Lithuanian traditions and context at a larger occasion which will attract a lot of local and international audiences. In this way, the project provides a unique opportunity to brand Nordic art

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