Nordic Baltic meeting on organic agriculture and organic food 2023

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For well over twenty years the organic sector have had an informal network to discuss the changes and challenges facing the organic farming and production. Learn from each other and share highlights from each country. Baltic countries have been participating for at least the past 10 years. This is based around an annual meeting that includes representatives from independent Control bodies, Control Authorities and/or Ministries in the 8 countries involved. This years meeting is to be held by Iceland and a date is set in September 2023. It is expected to have around 40 people from the 8 countries. Subjects discussed will include challenges in growing in greenhouses when a derogation for demarcated beads will end in 2030. Challenges and solutions to the lack of fertilizers, and implementation of recent regulations by the EU. Writing the agenda is a cooperation but the meeting will include a visit to Organic greenhouse farmer.

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2023-05-04 12:45