Wind Energy Education Network: promotion of research and education about wind energy in cold climates

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Increasing human activity in cold regions of high north require the creation of more sustainable energy supply systems with minimal impact on the fragile ecosystem of the Arctic zone. The project is designed to meet this challenge and contribute to the development of education on the topic of Wind Energy in cold climate focusing mainly on the Master's level. Education can play an important role in the widespread dissemination of the clean energy technologies, the development of business initiatives, new approaches, and innovative solutions. As a continuation of the ongoing project "Wind energy: Joint innovation solutions for the future energy needs of northern regions" this project will focus on educating training students, and disseminating knowledge to the youth with an aim of better exploration of good wind resources in cold regions of high north and educating people about importance and use of clean energy resources for the environmental protection of the Arctic zone.

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2022-02-25 11:12