DECON- Integration of circular economy within climate and energy actions as a crucial component in the decarbonisation of the building and construction material sector

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The building and construction sector is recognized as one of the most hard-to-abate industries to decarbonise. Previous initiatives focusing on building and construction materials have failed to align actions on both the demand and supply sides adequately, often overlooking the importance of circularity in comprehensive decarbonisation strategies. Consequently, this project aims to assess both successful and unsuccessful practices, identify challenges, and devise strategies for integrating circular economy principles with climate and energy actions across countries at various levels of adoption and awareness, including Poland, Ukraine, and Denmark. The project seeks to bridge the gap between linear and circular economy practices, ensuring that energy and climate policies are effectively aligned. This alignment is crucial for achieving net-zero emission targets in the building and construction materials sector

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2024-06-27 14:56