Quality of life: Health and Culture

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The goal of the project is to present and discuss tools and methods on how culture can be used to give better quality of life for children, including children with special needs, adults in their Third and Fourth Age and people in hospices. Cooperation between health and culture is mutually beneficial for both sectors. Participation in culture-life has a positive influence on peoples life. The project arranges two conferences in St. Petersburg with focus on children, incl. children with special needs, elderly people and people in hospices a study visit to Denmark and Finland, a planning meeting in St. Petersburg. The conference will gather Nordic and Russian experts, working daily with culture and health care, to exchange experiences and knowledge and discuss how the arts can help keep us well, aid our recovery from illness and support longer lives better lived. The aim of the conference is to build bridges between the health care and culture sector and inspire to untraditional co-oper

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