Nordic Cultural Week: The Nature of Equality

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We believe that through our project we can inspire change in new generations of Peruvians who are already questioning the status quo and pioneering a change inside their own families. We want to give those young women and men a voice and support their efforts in changing mindsets and stepping out of traditional models. We believe that art both reflects and influences culture. We also believe that art has the power to evolve the behaviors, norms and perceptions that shape our cultural view of gender. Therefore we choose art as our main tool. Through a week-long, carefully curated cultural and academic program we will put the spotlight on gender issues through a photo exhibition, a movie premiere, seminars and conferences, a documentary film followed by a round-table discussion and special International Girls Day activities targeting young girls in vulnerable conditions. We will make people question what they were raised not to question and serve as a catalyst for change, creating syner

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2021-10-11 10:46