Welcomed by the Nordics: The Nordic Olympic Project

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We work to strengthen the overall position of the Nordic region and businesses. To position the Nordics and share our ideas with the world, we’re launching a project focusing on Beijing 2022. The first part is a digital trade platform made in corporation with Tencent Cloud (CHI) that will open the Chinese firewall for Nordic companies. By activating Nordic Talks as a part of our platform content program, we will be able to attract the right audience and provide our partners with a chance to communicate their Nordic perspective to the world. We wish to unfold our Nordic values and put them in perspective by highlighting actual actions and projects carried out in the Nordics and China. In doing so, we underline that the topics undertaken in each talk is related to the different SDG’s. On an overall term, it’s all about solving some of the challenges we are facing on a global scale and it is our belief that our Nordic perspective can play an important part in doing so.

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