Empowering women leaders for equal and inclusive Belarus

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The project’s main purpose is to strengthen the potential of women leaders from Belarusian civic organizations by inspiring them and showing examples of activities at gender equality in Poland and Sweden. Acitvities: • 7 days study visit to Poland of 15 Belarusian women grassroots initiatives. Meetings with Polish NGO working in the field of gender equality, the Wendo and the craftivism training will be held. • 5-day study visit to Sweden of 15 Belarusian women grass root activists to visit institutions, local communities, CSOs to share Swedish best practice concerning gender equality perspective. • A small grants’ competition will be organised for participating Belarusian women initiatives. There will be 5 small grants approved dedicated gender equality in local communities in Belarus. The long-term result Belarusian women activists are empowered civil society actors contributing to equal and inclusive development of local communities in new democratic Belarus.

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2023-08-11 12:48