Korruption i samband med näringsverksamhet i Norden KORPEN II

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OECD and its Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has emphasized the importance of preventing money laundering in corruption prevention in the member countries. Financial Intelligence Units (FIU) have a central role in identifying both corruption and money laundering. Whereas the first phase we examined the opportunities and challenges the Nordic FIUs face in preventing money laundering of funds originating from corruption in international trade, in the second phase we broaden the perspective into other anti money laundering and anti-corruption actors, and view, how could they benefit from one another. The second phase of the research will cover supervisors of anti-money laundering actions and our authorities responsible of corruption prevention in Nordic countries. The project is coordinated by the Ministry of Justice in Finland and implemented by the Police University College in Finland.

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2022-01-21 09:58