Nordic and Russian NGOs rendering high-quality social services

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"Nordic and Russian NGOs rendering high-quality social services” is a project aimed at NGOs’ exchange of experience and innovative practices of services to children, youth and adults with disabilities and protecting their rights. The project activities include international seminars and local trainings/workshops/round tables for NGOs, development and testing of new services by NGOs; dissemination of experience at events with local authorities and other stakeholders. The project target group - NGOs supporting children, youth and adults with disabilities. Since the Soviet period in Russia social services to population have been rendered by state institutions. Recently the Russian government started to transfer delivery of services to NGOs. Nordic NGOs have a long history of rendering social services to population, supported by the state funding and developing innovative practices of work with socially vulnerable groups. The project will enable to improve competence of Russian NG

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2021-10-06 10:52