“The Traveling Democracy Lab” / A Media Literacy Campaign in the Baltics and Belarus

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The project goal is to provide citizens with tools to assess the credibility of media sources and distinguish facts from dis-/misinformation. The project will centre around the translation and adaptation of Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian and Belarussian versions of the Swedish exhibition ”The Traveling Democracy Lab / “Facts vs. Fakes”” which will travel to schools/education institutions, libraries and public venues in the 4 countries (Latvian translation exists). The exhibition is characterised by simple and direct communication, using recognisable situations from everyday online life. Thus, it is ideal for reaching the project’s main target group of youth/young adults (12-25 yrs.) but also appeals to a wider audience by being easily understandable without patronising. The exhibition will run Feb.-Nov. 2021 and be accompanied by events for youth, students, the public and academia. Led by experts, these will focus more narrowly on topics related to climate, sustainability and health.

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