Green Recovery post COVID-19 – Nordic and Peruvian experi-ences and solutions

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The concept is a webinar series under the title: Green Recovery post COVID-19 - Nordic and Peruvian experiences and solutions. It will consist of 4 episodes, each with a different yet complementary approach. We want to connect Peruvian stakeholders with concrete examples of Nordic best practices, innovations and technologies that can boost Peru’s economic growth in a sustainable way. As companies rethink their business model in the post-pandemic , growth and new investments open opportunities to implement more sustainable practices. Peruvian government is also increasingly interested in sustainability and green growth. The webinars would position Nordic expertise in green growth in the top-of-mind of Peruvian stakeholders and strengthen the Nordic brand. Also, Peru celebrates 200 years of independence, this would be the perfect occasion for a high-scale nordic event.

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2022-12-19 15:28